Tuesday, February 01, 2005


That was nicer than what I said to them in the store. I really lost my cool. I went to return the pump I bought last week, that the guy from the manufacturing company told me I shouldn't have got. (See other blog, He was an ass too) I calmly and succintly told the store manager about the company, and said that the pump didn't function the way the packaging lead me to believe it should. I told him how rude and crass the person was from the pump company. He proceeded to tell me that since I used the pump, that they can't take it back, or give me my money back. It was $77.92 shot to hell. I said (very loudly) "this is #$%#^#@*(#$%^ #$%^#^^! and I am never going to buy anything in this @#$%^# store again, and neither is my family. I am going to tell everyone I know about the kind of customer service you have. " I shoved the pump back in the box and stormed out of the store. I am such a genteel lady. NOT. I sure didn't feel like a lady. I called the corporate office when I got home, but the regional manager was out of the office for the afternoon. Not sure if I buy that or not, but I will try again later. I am so tired of having to deal with crap like this. I think it is false advertising, and with no directions, I expected it to work like the pwetty widdle pictures on the box said it would. (thats for the asswipe that talked to me like I was a f'in moron.) Needless to say, I need a calgon take me away bubble bath, but since I only have a shower, the bubbles don't even get started before they are gone. I have a wonderful idea! I could put calgon in the f'in flooded basement and freeze to death in the meantime! Ok, so I have a nasty attitude.

I went to pick up my son after church, and got a note from the teacher. "They" want to have a meeting with me about his behavior. He got 2 tickets today alone, and its just the 1st of February. I about cried. I don't know what else to do. Maybe get his meds changed, but I wish he didn't have to take them at all. I don' t think they make any difference at all. Maybe they need to be stronger. I know my son is no angel, and I get very upset with him sometime. BUT HE IS AN 8 YEAR OLD BOY!!! They aren't going to be behavioral role models as a general rule. When I took him to Saturday school this past weekend, (for the tickets he aquired in January), there wasn't one girl in the bunch. Whenever I picked him up, its been all boys. Some of them from the time before. I have talked to him, grounded him from tv, and I keep moving his bedtime up thinking that might help. If not just getting more rest, but if he gets more tickets, before long he will have to go to bed as soon as he gets home from school. Nah, then he would just get in trouble for not having his homework done. When he gets a ticket, I have the teacher send me a copy so I know whats going on. We talk about them every time. What he should have done differently, and why the offense was wrong. Sometimes he acts like its no big deal, and sometimes its not, BUT, I told him a teacher can't let that happen. What if everyone in the class decided to do that? No one would be able to learn anything. I told him he isn't there to be entertained, or to do the entertaining. I love the little beastie so much. I hurt thinking he is getting a rep for being a "bad kid".

Enough whining and moaning and groaning. I'm going to have a tiny glass of wine, and go to bed. I need to wash my mouth out with soap for the potty mouth today. I think the wine will kill the bad stuff, ya think?

Hold your loved ones tight, and God Bless.

(btw, I'm not perfect by any means. Just forgiven. God still loves me even though I went off on the store manager. I am going to say a prayer for him tonight. The boy needs to learn some manners in dealing with pissed off women waving sump pumps!)

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