Sunday, February 13, 2005

Conflicts conflicts conflicts

I have worked my butt off all weekend trying to get my homework under control. Yesterday I got one class finished, and got a good jump on another one. Today I got the 2nd one done, and took 2 quizzes, helped my son with his homework from missing school last week, and helped a friend of mine who has one of the same classes as I do. She called asking for help, so I did what I could. Then she called again, and we worked together some more. I had to get online to do one of my quizzes and get my other assignment turned in, so I called her as soon as I got offline again. She was crying. She has no faith in herself at all, and thought she was doing it all wrong. She was so flustered she didn't think to check the book to see if it looked right. It was perfect, and she had uninstalled and reinstalled the program twice cos she thought she messed it up. I assured her it was great the way it was, and relax. I get frustrated, but I want to throw things more often than not. I don't, but I have issues, thats for sure. Ok, I don't OFTEN.

B'f told me Friday night that he is planning on coming over Monday night for Valentines day to spend some time with "his sweety" (gag!) I told him if I got enough work done, that would be ok. I am such a bitch sometime. I know he thinks I am putting school before him, but if it wasn't school it would be something else. I have sooooooooo much work to do. I like the Computer Logic class, but am having a hard time with the instructor. There is still the issue of the test I took, and she probably hasn't read the last email I sent her yet. I imagine I will hear about that tomorrow. I can't believe I got such a crappy grade, and can't even find out what I missed. I know its all computerized and stuff, but after telling her the problems I had, I think she should let me take it over. She said there is nothing we can do, and I will know better next time. I did NOTHING wrong. It didn't give me the results like it was supposed to. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Life goes on. I just want the best possible GPA that I can get, and don't want to get screwed because of a glitch.

Time to hit the sack. I can't study any more tonight. The pages are blurring in front of me. Say a prayer for me, please. God Bless.

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