Thursday, February 03, 2005

Off to a bad start.....

The owner of the local Rural King stores called me today. How can there be so many asses in the world? At least he was polite. I told him its a shame, cos I did enjoy shopping in his stores, but it will never happen again. I don't understand whatever happened to customer service. I also told him he needs to be careful about doing business with people that are hateful to customers. After I called the tech line at the pump company and he told me NOT to unplug the floater, the store owner said I should just unplug the floater and it would work the way I wanted it to. Duh. Thats why I did, but was told not to. They just want their money. They won't get any more of mine. I would rather pay double somewhere else. I did thank him for calling though. At least now I know the assholiness goes all the way to the top of the ladder. Good to know. I was so upset I had a real hard time studying. I have been fighting that all day. (concentrating, not the owner of RK, that didn't last very long, but was still too long.)
I am feeling like such a failure at this point and time. A failure as a mother, since I had to go in for a meeting with his teacher and the behaviorial whatever. It was a good meeting, and I told them some of the things I have been doing at home for discipline. They said that was good, and there were some things there they never considered, so that made me feel better. I am going to take him to the dr. next week and discuss meds with them. I noticed him getting out of control, but they don't affect him at home the same way that they do at school. (structured environment and all that). I feel like a failure as a homeowner. My house is falling apart, and it needs some serious work. I thought about applying for Home Makeover. I am sure they have about 20,000 letters and videos that are far worse than mine. Well, maybe not. But I don't think I would be a big draw because all the videos they show on the application part, they all cry. I spent a lot of my life trying not to. I don't want the sympathy vote. I hope to get my taxes back soon and get the bathroom done, so I can have my calgon moments and stay in the tub till I am like a giant prune. I am going to put a boombox in the bathroom, candles, and will break out a wine glass and a little bit of the old crap I have in the fridge. LOL It gets better with age, doesn't it? It was good before. It ought to be great now. LOL Yes, I have a drinking problem. My problem is, I forget to drink it. Its been in there about 3 years I think. I bought some wine coolers once and had them for a year. When my b'f found 3 in the bottom of the fridge, he thought I was "drinking again" I really ought to cut him loose. (all talk, no action, thats me) I used to party (a lot!) but that was before my kid, and before I grew up. Now I am just old and no fun. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so damn responsible.
On to the failure list. I feel like a failing student. The grades are great for now, but I feel like I have been faking it, or its just been luck. I had a quiz yesterday, and it was awful. When I read the questions, it might as well of been in Chinese. (note: I don't know how to read Chinese) I have a hard enough time getting a handle on the English language. ( I sure had a handle on the ones I screamed at the RK manager though. :) ) Out of 26 possible, I got 4.
4! That was 4 RIGHT. 22 WRONG. Not a good thing. As we were passing papers, I saw an 8 slide by, so at least it wasn't just me. We did get to make some cables after that, and got to keep them. Mine even works too. :) So, if they give me an hour, I can make a cable, just don't ask me what type, how long it can be and still be effective, what year they started using this type of wire, and who was the man in the little cubicle that invented Dilbert. Ok, so those questions weren't on the quiz, well, the first two were. I think I will do better on the next one though.
I was trying to do homework today for computer logic, and it was like listening to Charlie Browns teacher, so I went and took a prayer break. There were like a thousand things running through my brain, and I just wanted them out of there. Even while I was praying I was going off on wild tangents. Thinking on how I could have dealt differently with the RK people, but if I didn't let them know how I felt about the way they do business, and would have just taken it on the chin, I don't think I would have respected myself. I am tired of being walked on. There I go again. I wish I could have one day just sitting around watching tv. I miss Ambush Makeover. I have to study study study though. I got a reprieve for a week on my business class, but thats not going to last forever. I have a test to take, and am going to study tomorrow for that one and take it then I hope, while the kid is at school. Its online, so available whenever I am ready.
I am done whining. Gonna try to read some more computer logic before I go to bed.

Good night and God Bless. (even the people at RK, ESPECIALLY the people at RK)

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