Friday, February 11, 2005

It's HERE!!!!

I got my tax return this morning. A very pleasant find in the checking account this morning. :) Of course, I already spent $1500 getting caught up on bills and getting my computer paid off like I said I would. I need to find out for sure how much I own on propane, and that will take another chunk. It feels good not to have any late bills sitting on the shelf. I get my unemployment check tomorrow, and then in a few weeks I get my Pell grant check. I may get a new bathroom this year after all. I have to be very very careful with what I have, so not too much fun money. I want to take the kid to Red Lobster. I guess I will take b'f if its feasible. We can't go this weekend, as it will be way too crowded by the time he will get here, especially with it being Valentine weekend. I need to go shopping now and find him something. He goes overboard, but its sweet. He takes a lot more stock of holidays and anniversary's than I do. Maybe its because he thinks he is in love, and I am not? I know when I was married it broke my heart when he was out of town on my birthday, or anniversary. I know our first year anniversary he was supposed to be home but got a load out. (he was a truck driver) It was an overnight run, so I went against the rules and went with him. I packed a basket, and we ended up celebrating our first anniversary eating freezer-burned wedding cake and drinking sparkling apple juice (that looked like wine) at a rest area outside of Indianapolis. Those were the days. Too bad it turned ugly a few years later. He is on wife number 3 now. I learned the first mistake, and don't intend to make it again. I wish I could love b'f. I respect him in a lot of ways, and Lord knows I am not perfect, but he is too quick to fall into doom and despair, and won't even try to find his way out. He thinks the whole world is out to screw him over and he can only sit back and take it. That I can't respect. Even if you try and fail, at least you try. I get all gloomy and stuff too sometimes, but I like to think I keep trying. I don't have a choice. As I went outside in my jamas last night to take the hose out to pump out the basement for the 2nd time of the day, I was counting my blessings when I got in the house. For all the brokeness and complaining I do, my house is still warm and cozy. (at least it felt warm after being out in jamas when it was only about 20ยบ out!) I have a kid that loves me, I have the "privilege" of being able to go to school, I have a home, and no car payments. I guess its all on priorities. The car looks like crap, the house needs work, school is a lot tougher than I thought it would be, but life keeps going.

Well, off to the shower and then shopping. I pick the kid up at 11:30 today to take him to lunch with a friend and then to the dr. He has a nasty nasty cold and I have kept him home for 2 days. He went today since its just a shortened day for him, and he was doing better this morning. We have to see about getting his medication changed. I may get him a movie or a gamecube game for Valentines. It feels so good to have money in the bank!

Hug the family. Make sure they know you care. God Bless.

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