Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Its been a day....

Not too exciting. G and I both have colds. When I picked him up today he was coughing and carrying on. If not any better by morning, we are both staying home. I have enough homework to last me for quite awhile. I got a big assignment turned in today, and took my test in computer logic. The test was messed up though and part of the questions didn't show up. I took screenshots of the ones I had and emailed them to the instructor. I told her I had to guess because the whole question wasn't there. I hope I get points for any of those I missed. I thought it would be one of those that is graded as soon as you take it online. All the others have been, but not this one. :( I have no idea how I did. I think I did ok. But then again, I thought I did ok on the Business test, and I sucked at that one.

I am ready for bed. I have to do an outline for Thursday, and I don't know if I can get it done. I only stopped here because I have to wait for the basement to finish pumping out and I can't read the business textbook any more tonight. My eyes are getting sooooooooo tired.

No mail at all today, which was a good thing. My state taxes were in my account Saturday when I went to balance my checkbook. YAY! Can federal be too far behind???? It only took about 3 days for State to get done. I had just sent them in Saturday night and it was in my account Wednesday. Its not much, but I got groceries today. :) G was thrilled. We had pig in the blankets and mac and cheese for dinner this evening. Poor kid didn't feel like eating though with his cold. I gave him some Dimetapp, filled up the humidifier, and later put one of those cold patches on his chest. They really did good for him last time. I sure hope it helps. I hate when he is sick. He has an appointment with the Dr. for Friday anyway, so she can see how he is doing by then. If he gets any worse before then, I will see if we can move the appt up. (fat chance, but its worth a shot!)

Well, I am off to bed. I can't take it anymore. God Bless.

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