Tuesday, November 30, 2004

It's been a few days...

It's weird being on my son's computer. I am hoping to get mine fixed tomorrow, so I don't want to change the keyboard over. In the meantime, I am spending more time fixing spelling errors. Its funny how I think I am do adaptable, but little things like that can throw me off. I have been staying up way too late and not getting much sleep. Finals are coming up. I just got my algebra homework done for the day, and have yet to rewrite my essay for my final. I was so far behind in math, that I haven't even looked at the essay, and its due Sunday night. To think, I could have one final out of the way already. I have to rewrite my resume too before I go to the workshop on Thursday.
I thought I was going to have free time. I guess I need to schedule better, because my free time seems to come between 11pm - around 2 am. Not good planning I would say. A few more weeks and the semester will be OVER! Math and Comp 1 will be behind me, and that is exciting in itself.
No great epiphonies this week so far. My brain is tired. The cat loves the Christmas tree so we are trying to get him trained to stay away before we decorate it. My son still hasn't figured that one out yet. He thinks if the cat got into the tree 3 hours ago, its ok to squirt him with the water bottle. He will lay in wait for the poor confused thing. The kid just loves to spray the cat. He knows the cat hates it, so therefore, that is his duty. Boy, have I got my work cut out for me.
Time to hit the shower. I think better in my jamas, and its only afternoon. :-0 Have an awesome day!

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