Friday, November 26, 2004

A Friday put to good use...

My neighbor came over today and started cutting up the tree that fell the other day. I sure got my exercise today hauling wood across the road, and raking up all the branches. My shoulders are a little stiff cos I am SOOOOO out of shape. I have been doing that active for life thing and not losing an ounce yet. It's getting discouraging, but I am going to keep on keeping on. I am doing great on the fruit and veggie part, and the water part is ok. Some days the exercise part of the deal is better than others. Yesterday if I would have gotten points for staying awake it would have been the only way I would have gotten any for the exercise part. I considered lying on my points paper, but I have to face the music. I need to do some fancy stuff and put it in a graph. LOL I really love computers and all they entail. So far.
I still need to replace the modem in mine. This one really sucks compared to my other one, but Thank God its here. I would be freakin out if I couldn't get online at all. I ran updates on his computer all night last night and kept it online so I could go to this morning at 6 to get one of the gameboy advances for him for Christmas. My nephews wife works there and she said they aren't even available online till 6. I tried last night anyway and was just getting a blank page. I got up at 5 this morning and made sure it was ready to go, on the page I needed to be on so I could just hit one button and it would be mine. Well, his. LOL Anyway, I tried at 5:55, and got a blank page. I tried again at 5:56, 5:57, 5:58,and 5:59. At 5:59 the page finally came up and said they were sold out. How in the world does that happen??????????? I guess no gameboy advance this year. I really can't afford it anyway, but its the only thing he has really been asking for. I took it as a sign from God that he doesn't need it. The SD card that I wanted wasn't available online and I wasn't about to go to the store this morning to get it. They are animals on the day after Thanksgiving. I went last year and would never do that again. People are not attractive when they are fighting for a bargain. Its not worth it to see human beings act that way.
Time for bed. "We" get to go help my boyfriend find a coat for his son tomorrow. No matter what he gets it won't be good enough. It never is.
Kiss your babies, hug your honey, and tell the ones you love how much you really do. God Bless.
An odd little note: I just did spell check, and it wanted to replace freakin with foreskin. Hmmmmm. Gotta love spell check!

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