Friday, November 19, 2004

My 27th Post

Not really. I just wish I could think of more inventive titles. This one is #5 if you are keeping score. I can't wait for my brain to get back in my body. This melancholy stuff is awful. Today was a crappy day, and I am going to tell you why.
My dr. appt to get my stitches out was at 11:30. I was running late and walked in at 11:25. Usually I am earlier than that. I would rather be early than late. I hate it when someone has to wait for me. I guess I am afraid they won't think I am worth waiting on, but I guess thats a whole nother issue. Anyway, the waiting room was full. I figured half were the other drs. patients, only to discover the other dr. was on vacation and not there at all this week. Needless to say, I got in to see the doc at about 1. The nurse that came in to take my stitches out was still chewing her lunch when she walked in the room. She apologized, but it wasn't necesary. All I had to do was sit on my butt and watch tv while they were missing lunch. I got the stitches out and it looks pretty well. I'm getting the other wrist done the 8th of Dec. , so mark your calendars for an exciting surgery post.
I post on a message board, and have been to this particular message board for a few years. There are a lot of smart people there, but some seem to use it for evil and not good. I love God. I don't know if anyone can tell by my posts so far, but I do. I hope someone can tell just by reading without me having to say it. Someone posted today that Jesus was a loser and a coward. This person found a website and quoted scripture, and then proceeded to explain why they came to that conclusion. I was angry. I just posted that I forgot how much garbage there was on the web and thanks for pointing some of it out. I hate when I do stuff like that because like I said, they are very smart people. I am so afraid I am going to sound like an idiot, and then I don't think that would be a good witness if I come off sounding like that. I know thats what they are waiting for. The guy posted back that he can't believe I was calling the scripture garbage. (Thats what they specialize in, turning words over and over till they get them in the mix they want, then reposting.) I was going back to reply but admin pulled the thread. Just as well. They only do that to get the Christians on the board angry, so they will spout off. Then they point out how unchristian like they are acting. I say "they" because I try to be extremely careful what I say. I want to glorify God, not give people excuses to make fun of Him. Its a tough world out there. I really got angry once, and told one guy that I will be forgiven, but he will still be a pompous ass. I thought it was a good line. I think they (the antichristians) think that we (christians) think we are perfect. (ya think????) LOL To me it couldn't be further from the truth. I think they think they are perfect, so they don't need God. One of the girls posted today that God is a loving God and won't judge people. I kinda thought that was His job? What do I know.
I have been cleaning. I can finally do dishes since there is no bandage on my hand now. I was doing dishes before, but it wasn't the easiest thing to do one handed. They are almost all caught up now. One of my friends put my name in to get food from the Firemens fund this year. I feel so bad taking it. They are coming in the morning to deliver two sacks of groceries and a turkey. We are going to my parents for Thanksgiving, but we can sure use it anyway. My friend said she knows people who don't need it and get it every year, but I still feel the guilt. Its not like we would starve without it. I sure hope this career thing takes off. I hate taking anything from anybody. I am going to run out of money soon, no doubt about that. I have really cut back on alot since I got laid off. Of course, the surgeries on my wrists don't help. I have to get them done though while I still have insurance. It would be great if workmens comp would come through, but I can't count on them. The hospital wants the balance at the time of surgery, so thats been tough to make. Its a good thing I got the rest of my grant money for school the other day. That paid for one.
Well, time to go. You know the routine... kiss and hug your loved ones. Say a prayer thanking God for them. Don't ever take them for granted. Love them, and make sure they know.

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