Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Day 2

The visitation is at 5 tomorrow evening. I am taking my son with me. We are going to meet my boyfriend in town and eat dinner and then go. I hate these things. I hope I can pull myself together. I went ahead and went to my tutor today. That killed about 4 hours with the 2 hour tutor session and the drive over and back. Its best to keep busy. I called my friend today. She said she had no idea how much stuff there was to do.
Her daughter was an organ donor. I don't know if I mentioned that yesterday or not. She said there wasn't much left to harvest. She wasn't sure if she wanted to donate her eyes or not, so her mom said they could take anything but that. I think she said about all they could get was her heart valves and a few bones that weren't broken. That would be a very tough thing to do I think. I grieve hard. I think it would be so hard losing a child, and knowing someone is going to be cutting them up too. I hate that I feel that way. I know it could help so many others, but I don't think I could give that of myself. As far as me getting cut up after death, I have no problem with that, but for the ones I love it seems awful. How wacked is that???
This is going to be a lot shorter tonight. I was awake most of the night and I feel like I am coming down with the flu or something. Its either that, sinuses, or something related to the carpal tunnel surgery I had last week. I should get my stitches out Thursday!
Hug your loved ones, and don't forget to tell them they are loved. God Bless.

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Penny said...

This is not a criticism, but a suggestion: When you think about signing your child's organ donor card (in Canada.. we all have one, while alive in our wallets), think about if it was your own child that could be helped or saved to be with you until you live out your days, instead of gone before you, your days lived out without him. Then think about someone else in that position and your child able to offer that gift. Please donate, should God-Forbid the situation present itself. You could be the answer to someone's prayer.