Tuesday, July 19, 2005

This and that....

I bought a shirt on my birthday. It says "I BEAT ANOREXIA." Being a full figure gal, and KNOWING I am a full figure gal, I thought this was a riot. I couldn't wear it yesterday because I was giving a speech, but I wore it today. It went over pretty well. I was a little embarrassed at first, but then decided to strut my stuff proudly. My survey instructor thought it was hilarious. He said a person had to have some kind of sense of humor to wear that. I would like to think I do. :)

I got a humorous phone call yesterday. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I live in a rural community. It must be pretty rural, because we don't have the option of DSL, cable, or any other of those high falutin' things around here. (They have them 4 miles away one direction, and 15 miles away another direction, but not right where I am.) I got a call from Dell yesterday, and they said they noticed I haven't taken advantage of the free 6 months of broadband service yet. I told him its not available in my area. Then he said "oh, so you are using the 6 months free Earthlink or AOL service then?" I replied, "No, there is no local dialup for them either." He sighed like he was going to have to teach me how it is world wide and it is available everywhere. I told him my only other option than the few local dial up's is wireless. He verified my address, and said, "OH MY, you are right. I have never seen that before. The only other option is satelite. Would you like to know when broadband is available in your area?" Damn straight I would. Dial up sucks. I just thought it was funny. LOL I live in a college area, but the phone company must have a monopoly on isp availability. We can't get MSN. which my parents could have had 6 months for free, and none of the cheap or free isp's have an access number that isn't long distance. My b'f is more rural than me, but I found a cheaper isp for him. Its unreal. Oh well. One day I will get big money, get all my debt paid off, get out of school and maybe I will start my own isp business. (Not necesarily in that order)

I need to go. I am installing the new version of Firefox. (1.06) My instructor said I am ALMOST a geek. My dream is coming true!

God bless. Thanks for visiting. :)

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SunGrooveTheory said...

OH, Goodness, Angelize, where did you get the shirt?!! I need one LOL

There is a similar situations at my parents' house with internet service. Dial-up does suck, I empathize with you there.

God Bless :)