Sunday, July 24, 2005


we went to a theme park. I didn't see a single soul that I knew except for the party I went with. G, b'f, and b'f's son. It was b'fs son's birthday. He turned the big 1-3. I am too fat to go on most rides, plus my knee still isn't the same since the museum trip. It still has a big knot in it. G is too short for a lot of the rides, so that doesn't do b'fs son much good. He is almost as antisocial as me and doesn't want to go on rides with people he doesn't know. This left his dad to go on rides with him, and as long as his dad went, G could go on most of them. B'f went way out of his comfort zone, and I could tell we both felt so old and out of shape by the end of the day. B'fs son and I bump heads quite a bit, but he can be a good kid if he forgets himself for a little while. He refused to go on rides that G wanted to go on, since they were "babyish and sooooooooooo boring!" so him and I hung out waiting while b'f and G went on the bumper boats and antique cars. I told b'fs son if I would have known how extensive his dad's fear of heights was I would have suggested that I buy a ticket so one of the free ones could have went to one of his buddies so they would have had more fun. I felt bad for him. Here it was his birthday, all this cool stuff to do, and no one to do it with.

We went over to the water park side around 2. Of course, b'f went to the car to get the swim stuff and got lost on his way back. He was gone for well over an hour. We were waiting in the biggest place in the middle of the park, since they had restrooms and free drinks. I was having a hard time walking, b'fs son never wants to do anything to help his dad, and G would have been hard pressed to stay with him the whole way there and back. Of course, G wanted to be the search party who went to look for him after we realized he was probably wondering around the park.

I watched them on the lazy river type thing where you just float around in innertubes. I was watching all these people float by under my feet. They all looked refreshed being in the water. I was wearing a denim dress. Its the first time my legs had shown in public for a very long time. I am having so much trouble with the swelling, and they look twice the size they should be. After realizing there were women bigger than me in the water having a good time, (it felt like over 100ยบ on land), and I didn't see a single soul I knew, I opted to go in and change into the bathing suit I had gotten before the trip. I tried to make sure all the bases were covered if I got brave enough to do it, and I did. I put on the suit with a pair of shorts, and tried to walk proudly out of the dressing room. Now, one thing that concerned me, among others, is my suit was black, which I was glad since black is supposed to be more slimming. I had a real hard time finding comfortable shorts to go with it and they were pretty much a hot pink number. I imagine my ass looked at least a foot wider than the rest of my body. BUT, there was no one there I knew, except people that were sworn to secrecy. I got in the water, sailed around the lazy river, floating around with a bunch of strangers. It was wonderful. We went in the wave pool next. I was getting burnt and could feel the heat in my shoulders. I was getting down to the front of the pool so I could dunk in, and it felt great. The only people I noticed that said anything was a girl and her friend. They were probably 13 or so. I saw the look from one, the whisper in the ear of the other one, and the glance from the other one. Then the eye roll and giggles. I didn't care. One of the women that I was close to started talking to me. She mentioned about how she hadn't worn a suit in years, but felt a relief of seeing others of various sizes. I told her that was exactly how I felt too. I hadn't been in a swimming suit in over 25 years, at least. She wasn't near my size, but I used to think I was fat when I was her size too, so its just relative. I thought it was so funny when before we got separated, she was talking about being self conscience and not caring in the same breath, and then said, "like after today, we will never see each other again, so what does it matter?????" We didn't exchange names, emails, or anything, and anonynimity is a good thing. I felt a freedom I haven't felt in a very very long time. Its nice to be around strangers sometimes.

On the drive home I was planning on taking a nap. The park is over 2 hours from b'fs house, and another hour and 1/4 from my house. He was having a hard time seeing, one good eye in the dark is hampered by the glare from lights in the bad eye, so we switched drivers. I fell asleep a few times, so pulled off in one town and got a drink and walked around for a minute or two. I was going to take a little nap at his house before coming home, but the fleas were eating me up, so we left. We got home (barely) at 1:30 am. I had gotten up at 4:30 the previous morning, so yesterday was a "nap when you feel the urge" day. Today is going to be "homework till you puke" day. I had a great time at the park though. It was wonderful to be one of the other people just enjoying the park.

God bless, and be kind to fat people. It might be me.

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SunGrooveTheory said...

Oh, it sounds like you had a great time!!!!

You know, people come in all shapes and sizes. I know some most people can name off 18 things they hate about how they look right off the bat.

My buddy ,Josh, is around 400 pounds. Sometimes I feel concerned about his weight because he seems to get winded pretty easily and I worry.. But as far as attractiveness goes, I think he is quite handsome with his big blue eyes, baby face, and cute bald head. Lots of other gals think so, too.

And when I took Asian Studies we learned that one of the highest compliments you could pay a man is "Your wife is like a well-fed horse."
In our culture we'd probably take that as an insult, but over there it means that your family is prosperous and that you take good care of your wife.

Glad to hear you and the b'f and kids had so much fun :)
Take Care,
God Bless