Sunday, July 17, 2005

My birthday....

was yesterday. I am officially older than I was the day before. Whoop. (sarcastic whoop. I really hate the aging process) We went to my sister's and spent the night Friday night. We went to the museum, Lincoln's tomb, and the zoo before we went to her house. We had a pretty good time, with some exceptions. One was two boys who both want to be the center of the universe. Another one is a guy who says he wants to take us on vacation, but only brings enough money for gas and one meal out. I hope he had enough gas to get home on. The first stop was the museum. It was $22 for all four of us to get in, he breaks out his billfold, and says, "ummmmmmm, hon, I only have $21." I was pissed. Trying not to show it, I said, "no problem" and paid for admittance. After the tomb, we went out to eat, and I ended up paying there too. He started to hand me his money, but I told him we weren't even halfway through our vacation weekend, so I was sure he would need it before it was overwith. When we got to the zoo he paid for us to get in there. It was just a small zoo, but it was pretty neat. His son has a fear of birds, which was not a good thing because ducks, geese, peacocks, and chickens were running all over the place. We got to my sister's house after that, and ordered in pizza. The giant dog I was afraid of came in and licked my whole forearm in one swoop. He really is a big baby, but I wouldn't trust him if they weren't around. I had to get up in the middle of the night and I was concerned he was going to react to a person he had only met briefly roaming through the hallway. They keep them in the family room, and I didn't hear a whimper, so that was a good thing.
I got on my sister's computer Friday night to check my mail before going to bed (luckily for me the bedroom I was in had the computer with the high speed connection. It was like a dream. :) )
I was shocked at all the crap she had on her computer. Spyware, adware, expired antivirus, stuff that computer nightmares are made of. I gave her the abbreviated lecture then next morning and she gave me permission to clean it up. She should be good to go now. :)
After a huge breakfast we went shopping at the mall. I was looking for a pair of shorts to go with the bathing suit I bought. I went to Lane Bryants. It has turned into a teenage slutfest in there, from what I saw. The sales girl was a little chunky and wearing a snug blouse with gathers. It wasn't attractive on her. I am so out of sync. I am not sure when tacky crap like that became the fashion for daily wear.
We had to go to every sportswear store in the mall. I would go to the candle stores and leave them to their own pleasure. Nothing bores me more than sports stores. Of course, b'fs son wanted this that and every other thing he saw, but was very ANGRY when his dad couldn't even get him a drink holder cos he didn't have the money for a $5 item. Of course, I bought lunch. We headed out of town finally. I was beat, had tons of homework to get back to, tired of the boys fighting, and tired of footing the bill for about everything that my sister didn't. I hurt my leg at the museum when we left. (My fault entirely, not theirs) My knee is swollen and it feels like I pulled a muscle or something. On the way home G decides to invite b'f and his son to spend the night. He said he didn't bring enough clothes so G offers to wash them for him. Crap. I told him he could stay, but I would be kicking him out early cos I have a ton of homework. I was really trying to hint that I was ready for them to go home, but it didn't work. They just left a couple of hours ago. I wasn't a very good hostess. I didn't want to be. I was working on my speech for tomorrow, other homework due tomorrow, and am swamped. I didn't offer them anything to eat. The only thing I did was make coffee, and start on homework.
We got home last night and a friend of mine had left a message that they wanted to get together for alittle bit last night, like dinner, but I called and told her I was tired, cranky, hurt my leg and didn't think I would be good company. She insisted, and said her and my b'f would take care of dinner and all I had to do was sit there, so relunctuntly I agreed. She was all upbeat and crap and I was just wanting to run away from my house to some peace and quiet. I ended up doing all the drinks for everyone, and she was like "hurry up, hurry up." I told her it was my b'day and I shouldn't have to do anything. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
It was not a good night for me. I hate being a bear, but I was exhausted listening to all the whining for 2 whole days. I tried not to complain, thats why I put it here. I know people who read this probably don't come back because of all the bitching and moaning, and I don't blame them, but this is MY therapy.
I really can be fun to be around. Honestly. When things go my way. ;) I think now since everyone is gone, G is quiely enjoying his superman tape, I am going to take a nap and try to lighten my mood some. I am still whupped.
Take care, and God bless.

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