Thursday, July 21, 2005

My next speech....

We have to turn in our topic today. I thought I came up with a good idea last night, but in the morning light I am not so sure. It is to be a persuasive speech. At first I was thinking of persuading people to be there for their friends who are grieving, but I would probably bawl all the way through it, so I nixed that idea.
I was thinking of going the other way, and persuading people to laugh on a daily basis. I did a short search and came up with a ton of articles on the health and work benefits of laughter and humor. Then I could wear my "I beat Anorexia" t shirt to class on speech day. :)
Now, I have to come up with my proposition. Two more weeks and I get a break. Speech class will be behind me, and I can look forward to a heavy schedule come fall. :( I am too old for this crap. But I am going to learn if it kills me.

God bless, and be nice to old students. It might be me. :)

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