Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Merry Freakin Christmas

I have to remember what the season is about, but bankruptcy seems to be the word of the day for me. I know I use my credit card more often than I should. I don't usually use it for fun stuff, unless it is for someone else, like getting something on sale for my kid, or for Christmas. I try to use it if I am low on gas and no money, or if the car needs worked on, which it still does right now. I got a thing from the credit card company today. I am hoping I am reading this correctly, that the current rate I have of 14. 95% stays the same, but the default goes up to 28.5%! I hope that doesn't mean that mine is going to be that from now on. I will have to make sure and make that the top priority, right after house payment. I make sure I pay it on time, cos they used to charge me an extra $25 if it was late. That now goes up to $39.90 for a late fee. I am way over my head here. I am trying to eek out the same amount of bills with a lot less amount of income. I didn't have to take Algebra to figure that out. It sucks being poor.
I have to keep counting my blessings, and praying for a miracle. It seems I go about $1000 more in debt on my credit card every year. I am just going to have to start not getting any fun stuff if I don't have the cash. No eating out at Red Lobster. I will when I get my grant money or my tax return, but I will just pay for me and the kid. No treating the boyfriend and his son. Not this time. His son just bitches and moans anyway. Boyfriend thinks he doesn't have to ever take me out for something nice, and I have to give him credit, we eat out a lot and I shouldn't expect that even with the sucky job that he has. His is only getting worse.
I am so far in debt with this card. I am thankful that I kept it to one, cos I sure couldn't handle another bill monthly. My house should be paid off in 5 years, my credit card, never. I always make over the minimum payment, but its unreal how much it costs me a month just in fees and crap. Needless to say, I was in a very foul mood when I read that last night. My poor son can't understand why I get so cranky.
I love him so much. What have I done??? If I die will that just go away? Or does it come out of "my estate" as piddly as it is? That won't leave him much I am afraid, if anything. I sure hope I get that settlement. I will pay the house off, anything else I can pay off, get a decent car to drive, and then get to concentrate on the credit card. As much as they jab me, I hate to even pay it. If its one day late, the interest rate goes up. I think they should give a little leeway for travel time, or weekends, but it doesn't happen. I am just heartsick over this. HoHoHo. :(

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