Monday, December 06, 2004

Another long day...

I am whupped. I went to tutoring this morning, the accounting office, met Sue for lunch, had an appt at the unemployment office, went to pick up the scanner and printer that went with my son's computer, and home. Then we had the Christmas program tonight at the school. Sue came over so we could go online at the college site, but they were having trouble and we couldn't log on, so I couldn't help her.
My b'f is real upset. He didn't go to the program with me because he had a business meeting, but in the meantime they cancelled it and didn't tell him, I guess they think its not that important since he lives across the street. He was in a foul mood, and I don't blame him. They cut his hours at work, along with everyone else, then they didn't give them a Thanksgiving turkey like they always have in the past. Today he found out there isn't going to be a Christmas bonus either. I know thats how he was going to pay for Christmas. I want to tell him not to get me anything, but I am afraid he will take it like a pity thing. It kind of might be, but if he can find a dime he will spend it and not pay a bill that needs paid. His son is very demanding and can't understand why he doesn't spend a ton of money on him every year. (or week) He was talking about going "back home" but I don't think he could be that far away from his son. Things are getting harder and harder and money is tighter and tighter. He is a big believer in Rush Limbaugh (gag!) and Rush says the economy is getting better. It sure ain't here. My b'f says thats just here, everywhere else is getting better. Thats not what I am hearing. It really sucks being poor. I am tired of it.
I am off to bed. I have a lot to do tomorrow, and then I have surgery on my right hand Wedensday. I want to get the house good and in order first. Have a great night, and kiss the family and hug them close. God Bless.

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