Thursday, December 02, 2004

I'm tired.

I had the resume thing that lasted from 9:30 tiull 3:30, then me and the woman that lectured talked for about 20 minutes while she was printing my certificate. I had to go to my attorney's office after that, which wasn't good. We may lose the case cos of my other health problems, so they can't say for sure it was work related, which it is, as I live and breath. I guess its a good thing I did it while I still have insurance from work. :( All those years I did damage to my hands, and didn't complain cos I didn't want to lose my job. I guess I hid it too well. Did they think I would tell my boss I couldn't do the job???? I needed it too bad. A lot of good that did me. I am unemployed now, and have to come up with the part the insurance doesn't pay. My attorney said not to get discouraged. But I am. :( I want a break. I want things to go right. I want things to go my way for once. Ok, maybe twice. :) My son is a wonderful blessing. He tickles me when he comes over and sniffs my hair and tells me how great it smells. He loves the perfume I wear, and I think that is terribly sweet. When I was a kid my mom wore Bird of Paradise perfume from Avon. They sell it every once in awhile, and I have a couple of bottles. I haven't opened one in awhile, but when I do, I get that warm fuzzy feeling and the good memories of my mom.
After I got home from the meeting with the attorney, we were here for about 1 1/2 hours, then we had the meeting for the active for life program. That lasted till a little after 8, then my son informed me that he needed snack for school tomorrow for the student teachers last day. We made a dash to Walmart, and that took another 1 1/2 hours, counting drive time. We got those junky fruit snacks that they seem to really like. I would have liked to have gotten something with a nutritional value, but its either too expensive, or isn't individually wrapped like they want.
It's been a long day. Have a good night, and don't be too frugle with the hugs and kisses.

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