Sunday, December 12, 2004

A little whine...

Just a little. My son got to go shop with a cop today and had a good time. The gentleman was very nice. My son said he kept patting him on the head. LOL. He got snow boots, socks, jammies, then hit the toy aisle. He got a Spiderman 2 Plug and Play game, where you wear things on your hand, belt, and an ankle and when he kicks, spiderman kicks on the tv. Its pretty cool. He got one from Power Rangers that is similar, except it doesn't hook to the tv. It was a nice time. It amazes me that people even cut in line though for free Christmas for the kids. A woman was in front of us and someone that came in after us hollored at her. She turned around and motioned for them to come up, so they did. The parents smelled like booze. They had 3 kids that got to go shopping. When it came time for them to go, the guy took us ahead of them since I just had one kid. :) I thought there was some justice after all. I thought about being rude when they got in front of us, but I thought that wouldn't be teaching my son a good lesson, but I hope they are careful about what they teach theirs.
I have been sick now for a few days. (Here comes the whiny part) I took the last of the antibiotics that I had and I am still sick. I tried calling the dr. office yesterday morning, but they had already left for the day. I will call again tomorrow. I really can't afford to go to the dr. but I have to kick this. My throat is hurting a lot and I can hardly talk. Its a busy week for me, with going to school tomorrow to turn my books in and finding my new classes for January. Tuesday night I have my final in algebra, Wednesday I go back to the dr. to get my stitches out, Thursday and Friday my son's school gets out early, so thats no problem for me. Sue wants to go out with Jody for lunch, but I told her I would have to be home early. We shall see. I am broke anyway. I just want to rest and get better.
My car is in the shop. I bought a new battery for it yesterday, but I don't trust the car. I want the guy to take a look at it for me. Winter is coming and I don't want it to die on me when I get to school. That could be dangerous. I hope its CHEAP!
I am going to go lie down. Enough whining. I am sick of it. Take care, and love your loved ones. Especially say a prayer for someone who doesn't feel so loved. It could make all the difference. God Bless.

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