Sunday, October 09, 2005

My brain is dead

I can't concentrate. I thought I would Gazelle for awhile, so I did. I got out the old cd I made for exercising finally. I started out strong with Brick House. LOL . Thats quite a motivator. Then I went to Mambo #5, only because its my one of G's favorites, then Get this Party Started by Pink. I gazelled to a song by Chumbawumba that I like really well, and finished up with Think by Aretha Franklin. I feel better, and will try to THINK later. LOL

We are on a Blues Brothers kick right now. We talked about it yesterday for some reason, and went to Walmart last night and found the movie on DVD. I bet I have seen it 30 times since it came out. My son has watched it at least 3 times since 11:00 pm last night. He likes it real well, needless to say. I would like to get Blues Brothers 2000, although not as good as the first, but I really like it. I think it was great the way they didn't just gloss over the missing Jake, or just put someone else in his place. There is no other Jake Blues, nor will there every be. I am a Belushi fan, whether it be John or Jim. He is missed.

I need to try to get to work again. I have too much homework to be here.

God Bless.

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