Friday, October 21, 2005

Another sleepless night....

There are more sounds in the attic. I have no idea what it could be. It doesn't sound big enough to be a raccoon, I don't think. The contractor came over today to give me the estimate finally on the window trimming and the back porch roof. I had him take a look around the outside and he couldn't figure out where anything could get in. I called the pest control guy and he said maybe to throw some moth balls in the attic and it might deter whatever it is. Here I went and got a new roof, new front porch, mainly because I can't stand the thought of critters running in the ceiling over my head at night, and here they are again. :( No one really seems to know what to do, and I don't know myself. I did everything I know how to do. If b'f comes over tomorrow, I will have him throw the mothballs in the attic for me. I'm not going to open it up.

I should just go to bed now, but I doubt if I will sleep. I haven't been feeling well, and now my face feels hot. I haven't hardly eaten anything, and I haven't had hardly any caffiene, and my head is pounding. I took some more meds, and drank some caffiene, so I will see if that helps.

One of the girls I used to work with called me the other day and invited me to church. Its close to home, and G goes to school with some of the kids that go there. I have thought about going before, but the thought of not getting dressed till noon and sleeping in as long as possible have been too tempting. I told her I was going to call her and ask if I could go with her sometime, so it was an answer to a prayer. (probably my parents or my b'f's. LOL) I didn't even mention it to b'f. I know he will be thrilled so I should, but I am being a bitch about it I think. He will gloat, and offer to come here and go with me so he can check it out and make sure it is a good church and not some satan worshipping thing.

G had a great real birthday. I took him to class with me and he got to play on for the duration. I was glad I got to spend some time with him. He didn't use his dvd player he took with him, so we still had battery power left for the drive home. He had taken a cd to listen to as well, so we got to jam to some Big Band Swing for the 45 minute drive. A good time was had. I just can't believe he has been in my life for 9 years. In my dreams I never saw him this old, and was afraid I would lose him before now. I still think that sometimes when he gets on the bus, wondering if I will ever see him again. I think it will always be this way, till one day he won't come home.

God Bless, and hug your family and friends tight.

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