Saturday, October 08, 2005

I ran into an old friend....

and it was kinda wierd. ( I have been using that word a lot lately. Hmmmmmmmm.) Anyway, before I met my current b'f (which would have been close to 4 years ago I think, maybe 3) I had a friend that I used to message with some. She had some friends on her messenger from where she worked, and invited them on mine. She was married, and one of the guys was married, but the other guy was single. We used to chat from time to time, and he would bitch about women just wanting to get married, and not just wanting to have fun. I used to tell him that not all women were like that, but he was hard to convince.

Anyway, we agreed to meet solely for a booty call. My friend that introduced us didn't know, nor did any of my friends except for one or two. I thought I should tell someone just in case he turned out to be a freak or something. My son was to spend the night with a friend for the very first time in his life.

He showed up promptly, within 1/2 hour of meeting for the first time face to face we got down to business. I had to take charge a bit cos I don't think he thought I would really go through with it. Geeeesh. Do all men think they corner the market on just wanting sex for the sake of sex?
It was great. The sex could have been better, but it was the freedom of not caring if you impressed anyone, just good raw fun. He wasn't a good kisser, but made up for it in other ways. :) It was a great evening. We had just ventured upstairs after hours of downstairs play, and the phone rang. 11:30 at night and my son couldn't sleep. I had to cut the night short, and go pick up my kid. :(

I talked to the guy later, and he told me how great of a time he had, and would like to do it again, but I was dangerous. (still being fertile and all.) I told him I was trying to get surgery to fix that situation, and he said if I decided to do it, he would pay half of my out of pocket expenses. I thought that would be cool, and pretty unexpected for only a one nighter so far. I met b'f shortly thereafter and told Mr. Booty Call that I couldn't see him any more. Even if I didn't have sex with b'f, I didn't feel right.

He goes to the same school I do. I have ran into him a few times, but he didn't recognize me. He smiled and was polite, but I could see the look like "I know her from somewhere, but where?" I just smiled and said hi back, and would keep going. I get emails from him time to time, not personal ones usually, just ideas and thoughts he sends out to people he knows. I emailed him back once and mentioned seeing him. He said he was sorry he didn't see me. I didn't tell him which one I was. LOL. I guess I look different with clothes on. LOL.

I saw him again the other day. He must have put two and two together because he saw me, turned and made a beeline my way. We chatted for a few minutes, and we both left with a goofy smile. The kind that says, "yeah, I did them, and fun was had by all." It was nice to be acknowledged. And fun was had by all.

God bless. (I have asked forgiveness, so its ok. I can still appreciate the event.) ;)

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