Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More weirdness

I was going to post about this when I woke up this morning, but it was still dark and it kind of freaked me out after I started typing. I am such a wuss. Anyway.....

A few months ago I got a new answering machine. I really like it. When the phone rings, the answering machine gives you the phone number out loud. I think that is pretty cool. That way I know if its for me or the kid before I get there. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, the phone won't ring, but the answering machine will go off, no phone number, and then goes BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP about 10 times, and then shuts off. Sometimes it wakes me up, and sometimes it doesn't. I think the outlet its in is bad, since I had trouble with a touch lamp I had in the same plug, so I attribute it a lot to location. Plus, all the phone lines in the house need reran, so I wasn't concerned about that. (too much)

Now, I got a wireless doorbell a couple of weeks ago. I love it. I hated not knowing when people would come to the door. There are 3 doors and a room between the living part of the house and the back door, and I would have to just keep listening if I was expecting someone that would use the back door. This is much better. Anyway, about two days after I got it hooked up, I was having trouble sleeping, which is normal for me. I got up about 2:30 and was playing a few games of solitare and running through email when the front doorbell goes off. Scared the crap out of me. I jumped up, ran into the living room, and turned on the porch light to see what the killer probably brandishing an ax looked like ringing my doorbell at 2:45 am. Needless to say, there was no one there. It sure got my heart racing though. A few nights later, the back doorbell went off in the middle of the night. It was about 4 am. I am trying to find a pattern, but can't. It goes off about every 2-4 days. It has dip switches on it I can change so maybe there won't be interference from cell phones or garage door openers, or aliens. I hate to have to get the ladder out to get it changed, but it really freaks me out.

Now you know what a chicken I am, and how my mind works. I am not going to say the H word or the G word, but it has crossed my mind. It didn't really cross my mind till this morning when I was getting ready to write about it.

God bless.

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