Sunday, October 23, 2005

A day full of surprises

My son got an aquarium for his birthday. He got it Wednesday. My parents got it for him during the day, and as soon as I got home I had to go to their house, lug it home, and get it all set up since they had ALREADY BOUGHT FISH!!!!!! They got him a couple of goldfish, which kind of spoiled it, since now we are stuck with goldfish. I knew they were getting him an aquarium, but I thought they would at least let us go fish shopping after getting it set up properly. No luck this time. They spent about $10 getting the basics, and the next night I spent $60 getting the filter, hood, etc. Now on to the next part.

He got $20 for his birthday. I let him spend it yesterday as he saw fit. He spent it all on the aquarium. He now has a skeleton in the water with his head bobbing up and down with air bubbles. It was something he really wanted, so now its his. There are other things he is wanting for it, so I told him he is going to have to earn it. He has a responsibility chart now that we just got about a week ago but never put up. He put it up yesterday and have been marking it up ever since. Today, besides going to church and his school sing program, he:
  1. took out trash
  2. replaced trash bag
  3. brushed teeth
  4. said please and thank you for meals
  5. actually ate his meals
  6. DID DISHES!!!!
  7. cleaned up his room
  8. made his bed
  9. sorted through some of his tapes and sold his excess to the neighbor for her grandkids. :)
Thats about all I can think of, but thats a ton. He gets points for going to bed on time, so we will see how that goes. I told him for every 20 points he gets $1. He is on his way. He made $5 on tapes. He was going to charge $1 each, but I told him .10 would be enough. We compromised on .25, and she bought the whole lot for $5, so he is rolling in it now. Next he said he is going to go through toys and books. Since we haven't gotten rid of much since he was born, I am looking at all the extra floor space we are going to have.

We just lost one of the fish. :( We lost the only "gold" goldfish. (he has a white one, and two black and gold). We gave it a burial at sea, and he was sniffling. He has been overfeeding, so I think they are pooping too much. I told him not to be surprised if we lose others, and to slow down on the feeding. I know they always look hungry, but they will be ok.

God Bless, and thank God for responsibility charts. :)

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