Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What the hell is wrong with people?????

I would like to think that people are all good at heart, sane, compassionate people. I know the world isn’t that way, but what a wonderful place that would be. I think its called Heaven.

I am about to give up listening to news altogether. I listen to a popular Chicago radio station. It’s a talk station, and it stirs up the brain cells from time to time. It helps me figure out which side of the road I am on. I agree with some and not others, so at least I know I am not like a sheep, at least most of the time. I don’t trust media, politicians, hardly anyone actually. It seems they all lie to work towards their agenda. I thought media were supposed to go after the truth, but they keep putting a spin on things. It depends on who writes their check and I hate that. Who can be trusted now adays????

Anyway, that’s not the main reason I am thinking about taking a break from news. Today I heard two very disturbing stories. The first one was about a man who was supposed to be tucking his daughter in while the mom was downstairs, and the little boy was asleep. Apparently he strangled the little 8 year old, shoved her head in the toilet to drown her, and when they found her poor little body she also had a knife sticking out of her neck. It’s hard to drive to school when you are openly weeping. What horrible thoughts were going through her mind? The person who is supposed to love and protect her was strangling her. The person who is in charge of protecting her from people like that was sticking her head in the toilet. On the way home they were discussing it again, and someone stated they thought he was doing something to her and she threatened to tell her mom or at least someone. That could be very possible. What kind of animal would murder his child, and that way???? Is there any hope for the world with people like that in it???

On the way home, I heard another story. Some youths were taunting a homeless man. He mooned them, and they proceeded to beat and stab him till he died. What the hell????? I don’t understand people. If you aren’t going to show compassion to people, then LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE!!!! What is so hard to comprehend??? I don’t get it.

God Bless, and please pray for humanity. I am so very sad. :(

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