Monday, March 06, 2006

Another week and a half...

and my parents are moving to the new place. I hope they like it, but we will miss them a lot. I told a few friends about the place, and one family that I told came over to take a look. They are a nice family. 5 kids, and the dad works full time and goes to school. The mom was going to school, and thats where I met her at. The dad was in one of my classes, and fixed a computer for a friend of mine. She is a stay at home mom for the time being, but plans on going back and finishing school. One of the boys has a health problem and they thought he was going to have to go to Chicago for extensive surgery, but they think a better option may have been found with less healing time and better mobility for him. And its closer to home, so thats a good thing. My parents said today that they had talked to their creditor, and the only problem was that they need a foundation underneath, so they are going to be sending some people out for estimates. I know my kid would love it if they moved next door. He wants someone in the neighborhood to play with so badly. I think it would be a good thing for all of us. I told the mom I felt bad I wasn't keeping up with them as well as I should, but explained about how school is such a pita right now. She understands. Her hubby is a dj for parties, and works full time in a factory besides. She said he graduates in May and they can't wait. I think that will be great for them. He should get a good promotion out of the deal I would think.

I am supposed to be working on homework thats due tomorrow. I hate school. I like going, but I hate homework, and I hate walking out the door feeling dumber than I did when I walked in. Today in math she asked me what I would do first to solve a problem she put on the board. My mind worked furiously for a moment wondering if I should say something smart ass, or just answer. I took the answer way out. Luckily it was an easy one, and I knew. I really hate it when I don't know. I am almost to the point where I need a tutor. I will see how the homework goes for that class after I get tomorrow over with.

Kidlet didn't have school today. He went with me. We took our newly aquired truck. Kidlet took his dvd player and was thrilled that we have a cigarette lighter that works. He didn't have to use his battery power all the way there and back. The windows even roll up and down. Even the drivers side. I am not used to that. Its refreshing. The radio really sucks though. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Then the clock will go in and out, and you can't tell where the channel is on the radio. I finally got my favorite station programmed in today by starting at the front of the dial and going till I heard a familliar voice. Not a good thing to do when its raining mixed with snow. Oh well, its done now. :) If thats the biggest problem I have, I will count my blessings. (at least till I have to drive the whole trip with no radio. Then I will cuss it, then count my blessings.) I better get the homework done. Yeee hawww.

God bless.

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