Thursday, February 23, 2006


I went for an evaluation today for counseling. I wasn't sure what I was going to talk about. I have a mental list, but I'm not really sure what should take preference. Being a better parent is at the top of my list, thats for sure.
Anyway, the woman that I talked to was very nice, and knew what she was doing. Either that or I was just hungry to talk to someone who HAD to listen. She started on one subject, and they kept leading to other ones. By the time we were done, she had over a page, and we went 1/2 hour over time. We talked about the job thing, the kid with ADD thing, the Dad thing, which lead to the mom thing. I didn't even mention the b'f thing, but I probably will have to sooner or later, because of the kid. She asked me if I had ever been on antidepressants, and I told her about when I was on them back in the 90's, but she didn't ask why, and I didn't say. That seems so long ago now, but it changed my life completely. I go back in two weeks or so. For not being a cryer, I sure let it go today. I hate when I wimp out like that. Its so unlike the public me. I was very emotional today for some reason, even on the drive over there. I had just got done talking to my dad, so that was fresh on my mind. He had told me yesterday that he enjoyed living next door to us, that we got to know each other better. I am really going to miss going over there whenever I felt like it. (or whenever he was having trouble with wordpad. LOL)

I turned him on to M$ Word yesterday. I showed him wordart. LOL He is having a ball. He showed me the verses he has been typing and had a different style on the header of each verse. He was so proud. My sister came down to pick up the bookcase, and he had to take her back and show her "the project." It was good to see him enjoying himself.

While my sister was there, dad mentioned how I had mom's ring. I told him I had never had mom's ring. Sis piped up and said that brother had it, gave it to wife, wife gave it to my sis, and she gave it to neice. I have no idea why I never got it. It just went around me. I don't know if I will bring that up in counseling or not. I try not to wonder why I didn't get it. I wish she would have told me before she gave it to neice though. just so I would be prepared and not be shocked when she opened it in front of me when we did Christmas at Thanksgiving.

I found out Tuesday that ex b'f has lost his job. My friend (that had introduced us) and I were talking, and her husband works at the same place. They are both out of a job in a few weeks. He has been checking out his options, but I know ex b'f hasn't done anything. Thats normal for him. I feel bad that he can't talk to me about it, and I almost sent him an email telling him I was sorry to hear the bad news. I am afraid he would think it was an opening and he would want to get back together. I told my friend that I would be praying for all of them. It's affecting the whole office staff. (a takeover from a company that already has office staff in a central location.) I really hope he makes it ok. The timing really sucked I think. There is never a good time though.

Well, God Bless, and pray for dislocated workers everywhere, even me.

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