Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I was thinking of my all time favorite song today. It's called Dancin' Shoes, and it was done by The Faith Band with Carl Storie. He is the person that wrote it. It was wide released by Nigel Olsen, who was Elton John's drummer. This was back in the 70's. I love the song. It's about finding love across a room.
We saw Carl Storie and the Faith Band in concert back in the late 70's when Peter Frampton was trying for a comeback. They were a band out of the Indianapolis area. I fell in love with the song that night. To see the author perform it with feeling was awesome. One of my friends found the album and bought it. I borrowed it about 6 months later and kept it for like a year. LOL. When she asked for it back I am sure it had a rut worn in it. I finally found the album and bought it. Then stereos with turntables got to be hard to find.
One night while surfing the net, I did a search for Carl Storie. I found his website, and the phone number for his publicist. :) I called and she told me where I could get his cd's at, since the music had been rereleased. Needless to say, I sent her the money and she got them for me and sent them. I bought his old one on cd that I used to have, and his newest release. He is solo now, but still performing in the Indianapolis area.
It's still awesome. I love the new album even better than the old one. My dream date I think would be to be swept away to Indianapolis to where he is performing and slowdancing with my dream to the song. Sigh. I think someone would really have to care to do that with me. Ex b'f wouldn't have ever thought of it, even though I mentioned where he performed at. He was too concerned about what he couldn't do than ever caring what he could do.
I don't know why I thought of the song today, but started singing it on the way home. Its been humming in my ear ever since I got here. :)

I had some bad news today. One of the guys I worked with passed away this morning. He was a dirty old man, but harmless. He was one of the sweetest people I had ever met. He wasn't quite with the program I don't think, but everyone who knew him cared about him. He took care of his mother for years till she passed away. He had diabetes real bad and used to be a heavy drinker, but had quit. He worked at the plant for a very long time, and quite a few were worried about what he would do when he got laid off. They didn't know how long he could make it, since that was all he had known. He left this earth this morning. Bless his soul. He was a kind funny man, and will be missed by many. :(

God Bless you my friend. :(

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