Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Please don't read this post.

My b'f is a dumbass. I knew it all along, but its so totally apparent. He has to go for a followup today on his eye surgery. He was complaining about how long the drive is. A month ago, it was a 6 hour drive there and back. Last night it turned into an 8 hour drive. I mentioned that he said before it was 6, and he just said "ok." Which means, "I am the one driving it, and I know how long it takes, but I am not going to argue with you." Now, he is south of me by over an hour. The big city he has to go to, is also south by about 3 hours from me. The math to me would say that it should be a 2 to 2 1/2 hour trip from his house one way, taking into consideration the amount he has to drive southwest. Dumbass was driving 45 minutes NORTHEAST, to get on the interstate to end up SOUTHWESTt. He went 10 minutes from the border of one state, to drive all the way through our state, to end up in another state. I am just frustrated. I thought he had the best route all planned out. I would have thought he would have looked at a freakin MAP. They have been around for years. I need and crave to talk to intelligent people. Everyone has bad habits, pitfalls, etc. God knows I have my share. I am so tired of him wanting me to take care of things for him. I try to get him motivated to take care of himself, but that doesn't work. I felt like I was nagging, so I quit. He hasn't got his paperwork done for the hospital bill yet, and instead of asking if he got it done, I mentioned since he was going to be there, maybe he could save on postage if he took it with him today. He said it was a great idea, but I doubt if he did it. Its only been 6 weeks since he got the paperwork. I guess I shouldn't rush him. (roll eyes) He gets a tax return, but he puts off filling it out till the last minute. He doesn't want to part with a dime to file it, so thats his perogative. I used to take us all out for dinner someplace nice when I got my money. Not any more. Valentines day is coming up. Usually he goes way overboard, but I have a feeling this year he won't. He won't have the money, and for that I am glad. I hate when he gives me stuff like that, when I don't love him like I feel I should. I need someone who makes me think, not someone to kiss my ass. We watched Sahara Saturday. I made the comment that I didn't think Penelope Cruze was very pretty, when some think she is hot. She has a hook nose, and the eyebrows need to be thinned out some. He told me I was much prettier than her, which is a bald faced lie. Thats not what I was looking for at all. I wanted him to clear up why people think she is so hot, cos I don't get it. It you go for the hooked nose, caterpillar eyebrows, and reed thin body, than I guess she would fit the bill.

Ok. I am done ranting. For now.

God bless, and pray for patience and a less critical mindset for me.

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SinnaLuvva said...

Ignored your title and went ahead and read the post. What makes you think your b'f was telling a bald faced lie ... I didn't even realize PC was supposed to be so "hot"; it somehow escaped my attention!
Great blog by the way.