Saturday, April 29, 2006

One down, 4 to go

I got an A out of my psych class. YAY! I have two major projects due this week. Procrastination is going to be the death of me. It was raining today which would have been a great excuse to not walk and just work on homework. Needless to say we drove for an hour to the local outlet mall and did a little shopping. :)

I got some New Balance shoes. I heard they are really amazing and make a world of difference. Its a good thing they were on sale! Ouch. I just hope they work. In the store they felt like I was stepping in a cloud. I hope it feels that way when I am on the trails in the woods and pounding the pavement. I ordered a thing for my knee today for some support, but it may take two weeks to get here. I really hope to get a lot of walking in during my break from school. I need to build my confidence up before I have to go job hunting, and if I am feeling better that will help tremendously.

I got some smiles today while we were walking around the mall. I wore my "I beat anorexia" t shirt. :) I am having a friend design a graphic for a shirt for me. She keeps putting old ladies pictures on it, and I want a younger and somewhat vibrant looking woman on it. I want it to say "I'm still hot. Now it just comes in flashes" I got it in an email awhile back and thought it was shirt worthy. I like to wear my "Its cute how you think I am listening" to class sometimes.

It sounds like its getting ready to storm again. The grass is really growing fast, but I can't get out to mow till it dries up some. I am going to have to bale it when that happens I am afraid. I had to wear the hat my dad gave me when I bought the mower off of him. He said I couldn't use the John Deere unless I wore the hat, so I did. G got some pictures of me and I put them on a disk for him. He said he wanted to use it on his computer. LOL. I don't like hats, but I wore it the whole time. It was some of those pictures that also motivate me to walk. I better go before the weather gets worse.

God Bless.

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