Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Threatening news for me

My son has been on the medicaid program since before I lost my job. According to the guidelines, we qualified, so they paid the difference from the insurance that I had on us. Since I don't have insurance anymore, they paid his med bills in full. I was told I should sign up, so I did. I just want a temporary thing since I hope to be working soon. I got a letter today that I am supposed to fill out this form to continue the medicaid by going after my sons father. That was why I quit the program before, but they had assured me that the program was a lot more lenient than it used to be. I started to go through the process before, but ended up recieving threatening phone calls all hours of the day and night from him and his exwife. (They were divorced for 2 years before I went out with him, but he was using my son to try to get back together with her. Everyone knows he couldn't take care of a kid even every other weekend without help.) I was accused of getting pregnant on purpose, not telling him when the baby was born, etc. It was all lies. They are both very jr. highish and seem to thrive on drama. When I had started through the process before, they told me that they would interview me first before contacting him, so that if I felt it would be a threatening situation, we could discuss it. They lied. I got a call from him a few weeks later with him ranting and raving about how they wanted all of his financial records to see how much he had to pay for "the little bastard." I told him he wouldn't have to pay anything and went to the office the next day and stopped the whole thing. I called him and told him he was completely off the hook. No problem.
When I signed up this time, they said thats not even an issue, so here it is. They will drop us from the program if I don't comply. Of course I can't comply. I am hoping they will just drop me. I have only had the card for two weeks, but I don't have to go to the dr. I would rather rot than subject my son to that SOB. He only wanted anything to do with him as a pawn. He used to call me up to flirt with me, and wouldn't even ask about G. He said he was going to help out. So far in 9 years I haven't seen anything. He told me once he got him a hat for Christmas, but that never materialized. I wish I could have gotten to a dentist before this happened, but if my teeth are going to have to break off on thier own, then I guess it has to be. :( I sure hope I can land a job with good insurance.

God Bless, and say a prayer for us. Thanks.

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