Sunday, September 11, 2005

I miss you

I still love you. I always will. You were a part of me. You still are. I try not to think about you daily, but you are in my heart always.

You would have been 20 years old today. 20. That seems unreal. Although I never got to hear your cry, or feel your breath, I love you. I miss you. I got to feel you move inside of me. I got to talk to you, and pass the love I felt for you through the bond we had.

I will always wonder. Would you have been a girly girl, with masses of barrettes and ribbons for your hair? Would you have let me put on little paten leather shoes with bows on them, and ruffled undies peeking out under your red little velvet dresses? Would you have had long hair with pigtails? Would you have dimples on your cheeks like me, or would you look more like your dad?

Would you have been a tomboy, skinned knees and elbows, bringing bugs in the house, dirt from head to toe? Those questions I will never get answers to.

Would you have been able to talk to me about boys, school, fights with your best friend? Would you let me help you with homework? Would you have been able to talk to me about the first time you had sex? Would we have planned your wedding already, or would you be on your way to a career? Would you call me every week to let me know how you were doing and the important things going on in your life?

I love you, I miss you. Sometimes I give your little brother an extra kiss after he falls asleep, and hopes it makes it to you. I love you my darling Bri.

God bless.

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