Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A crappy day

I had a crap day. It could have been worse. I shouldn't complain. But I will.

Yesterday, my son went to a friends house and went on a picnic and fishing with his family. He had a great time. When we got home after I went to pick him up, I decided to check the oil since the car had been running a little "odd". The dipstick was hot, which was a bad sign. I went to borrow oil from my parents, and all they had was lawnmower oil, but it was 10W 30, so I went ahead and used it. (about a quart) I waited till the car cooled completely, then drove 4 miles to town to get more. I put in another quart at the station, and checked when I got it home and let it set, and it was fine.

This morning I thought it would be a good idea to leave early and hit Midas for an oil change. They were too crowded and I would have been late for class, so I went after. I got there about 1 pm. They checked my tires and one was almost completely bald. I like bald men, but not bald tires. I thought I would get them at Walmart, so away I went. That was 1:45. When I pulled out of the parking lot at Midas, I heard a loud CRUNCH!!!!! I looked behind me in the rear view and didn't see anything, like pieces of my car, a stream of oil, a person, a dog, or anything. The one way streets on that corner are a zoo, and it was easier just to go on to Walmart. I called Midas from there and told them what happened and it had done it to me twice, not just that once. She said bring it back after the tire deal, or bring it back now. I thought since I was there, I would get the tires. They got done at 5 pm. I was there for over 3 FREAKIN HOURS. I didn't need anything at Walmart. I just walked around, and walked around, and walked around. Then I walked around some more. I ended up with a new cordless phone for the kitchen, with another handset for upstairs. I have been wanting one for a long long time. Thats one of the reasons I won't sleep up there is lack of phonage. They are charging now, and they are pretty. :)
Then, Toy Story 10th Anniversary Edition came out today. :) Its mine now. Everyone thinks I get all these movies for my son. I bought the tape when it was first released, and my son is only 8. I think you can do the math. :) (Sometimes when he wants me to watch tv with him, he will try to entice me with Beauty and the Beast. Sometimes it works. ;) ) Then, I got a shoe rack for all of our shoes we keep moving from place to place. I thought this would help, and its also been something I have wanted to get organized for a long time. That plus the tires, plus the oil change at Midas was the extent of my purchases today. (about $200 more than I had intended to spend when I woke up this morning. )

I took the car back to Midas and had to wait for them to do another oil change before they could look at it. This was about 5:15, and they close at 6. I had stopped at Hardees today for lunch and the car bottomed out when I was going into the parking lot. Apparently I had broken some swag thing under the front of the car right at the axle. She showed me a nice picture, and said its not dangerous, but it sounds like crap, and it could damage the boot if not fixed. My appointment is at 11:30 tomorrow, after class. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Of course I am going to get it fixed. It sounds like the motor is trying to fall out.

I got home at 6:30. G's bedtime was going to be 7:30 since he has been a superbrat to get up in the morning, but he made it at 8:15. Poor kid only had a pb&j before I got home. Its not my parents fault. He doesn't like to eat anything, and I am sure they were glad they got him to even eat that.

Now I have to study for a quiz, but what I want to do is pop in Toy Story in the computer and check out all the special stuff. I can't tomorrow night cos I have class. Thursday would be the soonest, and I am expecting my new toy that day. More about that later.

My problems are so petty compared to many many others. I need to keep that in mind.

God Bless.

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