Tuesday, August 01, 2006

One down, two to go....

I got my webpage grade. One the website, I got 96 out of 100. We could go in and fix it to get extra points. She made some suggestions, so I used a couple of them, but the others were ones that my tutor told me only lazy web designers use. I had my pages all set out in tables so it would be easier to put the graphics and text where I wanted them, but after his mini lecture I took them all out. Almost. I left a few parts where I couldn't get it to format the way I wanted. When I got her critique, she suggested I use tables for the whole page. LOL. I politely declined, and told her that I had previously done that but was discouraged from doing so. My tutor does websites for a living, and teaches a lot of classes on graphic design, etc. I got 48 out of 50 points on the revision grade, so even though she disagreed, she game me almost full credit. All in all, I got 94!!!!!!! Considering I did crappy on most of the quizzes but got 100% on all of the assignments except for the 96 and 48, I am pleased. I really enjoyed it a lot.

Tomorrow is my 3D final. We got our checklist and he wants 20 different aspects done to show him. I have 4 so far, so I am going to work on them tonight. I am not as young and geeky as the rest in the class. The rest are young guys who walk into class, take off their shoes (for some insane reason, I have seen more than one do this) and just go to town on this program. No matter what cool things my instructor discovers, the guy in class who comes in every day looking like he never combed his hair from the previous WEEK and forgot his deodorant, and slept in his clothes, and whose girlfriend came in with him one night while I was working and had to fawn all over him because she acted like I wanted him (hahahaha)(she would shoot me a dirty look every time I spoke to him. Sorry, I prefer guys who can TAKE SHOWERS on a daily basis and know what a hairbrush is for. If you can't brush it, get it shaved off.) But I digress. He always has to think of a question that he knows the instructor won't know. Today our instructor was showing us ocean water, which was really awesome. A couple of clicks and it looked like a storm at sea. He had taken a cube and dropped in the water, and it rocked and bucked like it was getting tossed in the waves. Of course, genius smelly boy asked if it would displace the water blah blah blah blah blah. (it was about a 4 minute question) He thinks it makes him look smarter. Personally, I think it makes him look like an ass. Maybe thats just me though.

Anyway, I am excited about my grade so far. I have an A in 3D so far, but that could change tomorrow. As long as I get all 20 steps done, he said that to get an A you would only need to get one question on the written test right. I guess I better get to crackin. Some of the things he wants we haven't done since the beginning of class and I forgot how. Time to rock and roll.

God Bless. And please pray that I can find a paying gig soon. I'm scared.

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