Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Has it been that long?

I am on break and can't believe I haven't posted before now. I got my final grades. I got an A in webpage, A in 3D animation, and a B in advanced hardware. I am very pleased with my grades. I worked hard for all of them. I think in hardware he took some mercy on my soul. He is a tough instructor, but I learn a lot, and thats the goal.

I have so far lost 35 lbs. since I started cutting back and dancing. It got me so funny when I got here tonight and the motivational quote was "Dance is the hidden language of the soul." By Martha Graham. I have been dancing my butt off. Literally. LOL. We haven't been going out walking much, so I dance. If I know I haven't been getting enough exercise, we turn on the tunes and I shake, rattle and roll. Well, not roll exactly, but jiggle a lot. Like a bowl of puddin. :) Tonight I tried on an old pair of jeans I haven't worn in years. They were tight, and I thought no way. Then I kept sucking in, and sucking in, and the zipper went ALL the WAY up, with me IN THEM!!!! Then of course, I had to do a happy dance. :) That will help me keep on keepin on. I have been at a standstill again, and not keeping with my program. Some days I feel like I could eat a whole cow. I have started making me a cup of hot chicken bullion, but the salt isn't good for me. Its helping me to feel fuller though. Maybe since I saw that result of the jeans it will help keep me focused on the goal.

I lost a cap off of my tooth a couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow is the big day to go to the dentist and get it fixed. I don't mind dentists. Just give me a shot so it doesn't hurt, and do your thing. The only problem now is, no insurance. I may have to make payments, but I talked to them about that before I made the appointment.

God bless. Still pray about a paying gig. Please.

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