Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's over

Another semester at an end. My final final was yesterday, and it was bad. I was shocked when I walked into class and found out I was getting a B, but after the final we waited for grades and I was knocked down to a C. It amazes me the people that I think are so smart and really have a handle on some of it got worse grades than me, and I KNOW I didn't have a clue.

I ended up with:
  1. Access.............A
  2. Visual Basic....A
  3. Client...............B
  4. TCP/IP...........C
I am so relieved its over. I have 5 classes next semester. One online again, and the rest on campus. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have the same instructor for 3 classes in a row. There is at least one guy in my class that has the same thing. I imagine we will be sick of each other. I will be in class from 9 am till 2:40 pm with 2-20 minute breaks. The instructor said one class may leave early and on other days the other class may start a little late so he can get lunch in. He wasn't going to schedule the one odd class in the middle, but so many of us needed it for our degree. It was the only open spot to stick it, so there it is. The other three days a week I have to make the drive for 1 hour long class. :( Its computer math, and only offered on campus. Only on M,W,F. It sucks, but I will have to deal with it. At least the mileage check will be great. I just get so sick of the drive. I will be on the road longer than I will be in class.

My son had Saturday school again. It doesn't feel like Saturday when that happens. B'fs Christmas program is tonight, but we can't go. There are specials on tv that I want to see, but not when the kid is grounded. I really don't watch much tv at all, and he watches too much, so really its a good thing. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow so we may not be able to go to b'fs play tomorrow either. I don't know if we will make it to church tomorrow or not. I have just been wiped out. I slept almost all day Thursday, when I should have been studying. Even if that would have happened, the things I would have been working on weren't on the test. I had been going over subnetting in my head over and over again, but there wasn't any questions on the test about it. He changed the whole test from what he told us to study the other day. One of the brainiacs that always go top notch got an 81, so I don't feel so awfully bad. I am sure he still got an A.

I have 3 weeks or rest before I require my brain to work again. Wireless, security, Psych, Math, and Server. Yeehaw. I can't wait. <---------sarcasm.

Yall have a good night, and God Bless.

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