Saturday, July 07, 2007


Ok, it was only $3.00. But thats better than nothing, right? LOL. I only play about once a month, but I bought my new ticket as well. G even found the gamecube game he had been wanting at the convenience store when we went to pick up pizza. (Thats where I buy my tickets). I thought it was our lucky day, since the game was cheaper than we had ever seen it. We had to get it from the cashier, which is where we were sorely disappointed. He picked up the right box (gamecube) off the shelf. I paid for it, and when she went to find the game, she handed me one for playstation. :( G didn't get his game after all. I am going to keep looking for it. I had already given him the lecture of how he was going to have to pay me back, yada yada yada. A wasted lecture. I hate when that happens. At least I won $3.00!

I applied for another job today. That makes 2 applications in this week. I am thinking I need to set a goal of 3 apps a week. It sounds like a good goal. I just wish one of them would call and I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. A friend of mine works at a local plant. She says I would love it there. The only trouble is, during the summer they work a ton of mandatory overtime. She said they have been working 7-7. Not good with a kid. She said during the winter you might get off at noon or 1ish. It just depends on the day. She said when you go to work, you never know when you are going to be leaving. It would be different if I had a partner, or if my parents still lived next door. Even then I don't think I would do it. (parents, anyway, partner, maybe)

My kid needs to be raised by me, not by my parents. Yikes! They are part of the reason I am so messed up. I figure my first responsibility is to my kid. Being the only parent he has, I can't take any job, at least not till he is older and self sufficient. Being a man-child, he doesn't want to be self sufficient, and fights me every step of the way. (My pb&j's taste SO MUCH better than his, etc.) He won't wake up with the alarm. He doesn't hear it at all. I will watch him when it goes off, and he doesn't even flinch. Also, I don't trust him for over an hour on his own. Coming home from school and me getting here an hour later would be ok, but not much longer. My neighbor said she would keep an eye on him on days like that, but she isn't always home.

I would like to find a job with regular hours, and not "scheduling." I am ADD enough to need a consistent schedule I can follow. Enough about work. (or lack of)

The diet is going "ok." I am only down 1/2 lb. this week. I really need to exercise more. (I say "more" laughlingly, because I just plain need to EXERCISE.) I bought some low carb ice cream and ice cream bars, and although they were both yummy, I have no portion control when it comes to that. I'm not getting anymore. I have an icee machine, so if I need a frozen treat I can make an icee with DaVinci syrup. That stuff is awesome! I need to get back to my flax muffins too. They help me feel full, and also help other things. :eek: I feel so much better in my jeans now. They are loose and it feels great instead of being stuffed into them with a muffin top. I can almost take them off without unfastening them. YAY!!!

I am really missing the company of men. I miss talking to them. At least in school I was surrounded by men. Being in the techy program helped a lot with that. I feel really secluded now, and just wish I had some male contact. One of my friends kind of freaked me out awhile back. Her husband was in one of my classes. I had met her before in tutoring, then found out that is the husband she was talking about. I went to visit her one day, and he was home. We started talking about computers, and she said "honey, there is the woman for you. She knows all about that stuff." I was embarrassed. She said that he wants to talk about that stuff a lot, and she has no idea and doesn't care to learn. He gets excited over stuff she has no clue over. He was embarrassed too, I could tell. Now I don't feel comfortable going over there. They are very happily married, and have 5 kids. When she said that it floored me. I'm sure it was done in jest, but it made me uncomfortable. I am sure not the type to be a homewrecker, especially since it happened to me.

Time to get out and mow the yard. God Bless, and have an awesome day!

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BetteJo said...

Stuffed into your jeans with a muffin top!! lol! I SO know what you mean!
Oh and by the way - "I'm just a 47 year old" that really bothers me when I read it in your profile. You're not JUST anything! Makes it sound like you're not important in this world at all. Give yourself some more credit and think about yourself in a more positive way - it rubs off and other people with see you more positively too!
Time to get off MY soapy box this time!

Good luck with the jobs!