Saturday, January 21, 2006

Something to ponder....

They found a dead body in the small town close to where I live. The person had been dead for a very very long time, possibly over a year. The really sad thing is, no one missed them. I was told of a crazy woman who lived in the woods many years ago. A girl I met at school told me when she lived in the town that they would go for walks in the woods and this woman would come out running and screaming at them, and they would take off for the hills. I think the girl assumed, as I did, that she had moved on, since the "girl" was almost 30 now, and she had been in her prepubescent years when that happened. Apparently, the crazy woman had been living in a van in the woods, and that is where they found the body. I don't know who found her, or how. Probably hunters or 4 wheeler drivers, since they go all over the area.

It makes me sad to think that no one missed her. She probably needed medical treatment for her condition. I wonder what her story was. Did she have any family at all? They haven't released her name yet. I wonder if I knew any of her family. Probably not since I didn't grow up in the area, but you never know.

Its terribly sad. God bless, and pray that everyone has someone that will miss them when they are gone.

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