Thursday, January 19, 2006

Going strong

Well, I am coming to the end of the 2nd week of classes. I have one instructor for 3 classes, and they are all in a row. After the first class, he leaves the room, goes to his office, changes briefcases, comes back in the room, and we go on with the next class. That continues for the rest of the day. Its like he throws off the old, and on with the new. Heaven forbid he be in the middle of a lecture and someone asks him a question about one of the other classes. LOL. He is very funny, and very very smart. He expects a lot out of a person, but is the best instructor I have ever had I think. He piles on the homework and we have a quiz every day, give or take 3 or 4 days a semester. Everytime anyone complains about too much homework, his standard answer is always "what do you mean? This is the only class that matters." I heard that today in all 3 of his classes. (I wasn't the one complaining. I learned a long time ago that DOESN'T work. I have one class tomorrow, and then the one online I still have to turn in before Sunday, then I can start on Monday's work. Yikes.

My son is in trouble at school again. I had a talk with him. He has been lying about homework. He said that he decided to quit lying, cos it just gets him in trouble. Yeah right. He is going to have to prove it to me. I know the teachers think I am a bad parent, but I don't know what else to do. He is on medication. I won't beat him, although sometimes I am tempted. I asked him tonight if there is anything more he thinks I could do to help motivate him about getting his homework done, or help him in any way. He started to say something, but I then mentioned WITHOUT doing it for him. He said yes. Let him make a robot to do it for him. (huge eyeroll here) I have 2 tv tables set up at my computer desk. One is for him to do his homework on, and one is for my homework. We work together when he brings it home, but some nights he says "I forgot" or " I got it done in study hall." Turns out I can't believe that, and by the time he gets off the bus we can't go to school and get it, because its too late.

He gets real upset if I don't believe him. I know he tells the truth on some things, but it sure is hard to tell what. I told him he has to prove himself to me first, and so far thats not happening. I thought it would help too with us doing our homework together. Some days I just want to SCREAM!

Well, time to go to bed. God bless, and pray for my son, me, and homework evaders everywhere.

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