Sunday, August 26, 2007

A letter to my uncle....

Dear Uncle Bob,

I love you so. You have been more like a father to me than my own at times. I will miss your humor, your sarcasm, your smile (which usually meant you were up to no good, lol) and your voice. I think the last phone conversation I had with you was when you yelled at me for not charging for the webpage for a church. LOL. I know you were thinking of me and my income needs, but I was thinking of doing something for God's family and not taking money for doing it. I hope you can see my heart now, and know why.

I sat around the table with your children yesterday. They were going through the pictures of your life. There were so many pictures of you doing the things you loved. Wordworking, painting, decorating your son's wedding cake, playing with numerous children, including my own, riding a go-cart you had just fixed, and tons of other things. I found a wonderful one of you rolling around on the floor with my son when he was about 6 months old. They were telling great stories about you. Laughter, mixed with the tears. You are so loved. I hope you realized that while you were here. I think you did.

Don't worry about your wife. She is a great woman, but you realized that a very long time ago. We will take care of her. She misses you. She said it will probably really hit her after she goes to bed, then gets up to check on you and you won't be there. Your middle child and her daughter are staying with her for now, so rest assured she will be surrounded by those she loves, and those that love her.

I cry because I am going to miss you. I know its selfish, and I am SO glad you aren't hurting anymore. Give my mom a great big hug from me. Tell her all about my son. I'm sure she knows and watches us too, but it warms my heart to think about you two up there exchanging stories. I'm going to miss you terribly, and will think of you often with heartfelt love, respect, and gratitude.

I love you. See ya later.
God Bless.

*My uncle passed at 12:20 pm August 25th, less than 12 hours after my plea to God. Thank you God, for ending his suffering.*

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