Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I missed a whole month again

I was really going to try to keep up. I know nobody is reading this, and thats fine. I don't feel like I have an outlet, since I stay home almost all the time and only get to talk to adults on a regular basis when I take the kid to Taekwondo. I really need to do something about that.

Anyway, my crush on Zack Braff took a recent blow. I love him on Scrubs, and the few interviews I have seen. I am sorry to say I didn't care much for either of his movies, (so far). He has another coming out in a couple of weeks, so I will give it another shot. On Garden State, there were too many instances of drugs that I didn't care for. (Cripes I am getting OLD!) It definitely showed the dysfunction between family and even friends. The other one, of which the name fails me, was sort of so-so. I liked it better than Garden State though. Enough with the reviews. I still make it a point to watch Scrubs. I hope they renew for next season.

Ok, I made reference to the old thing. I have been accused of not being fun in the past. When I worked in the factory, some of the girls would sit around and talk about sex with their significant other all the time. I wasn't gettin' any, so I didn't want to hear it. Then I got known as the prude who didn't like to be around when they were discussing it. Then, after that awful break up I had, I quit drinking. No fun for me then either. Actually, a lot of it had to do with boredom too. I had the closest partying friends when I lived in Arkansas. When you have partied with the best, the rest pales in comparison. I miss playing quarters and downing beer (even though I hate beer.) I miss not being able to say certain words or having to drink. (like beer, drink, ok, etc.) Those were the good old days. Now, I have too much responsibility and no one I can trust to take over so I can get incapacitated, even for a little bit. Sad, really.

Ok, now another reason why I am officially old. I kept hearing the term "Indie." Like Indie movies, Indie music, etc. I kept thinking India was coming out with all these things that aren't mainstream, that I never heard of, or saw. Then, with my brainstorming qualities, I realized they were talking about "Independent". Geesh. I get it now. When I heard someone say it was "Indie" music, my first thought was "it sure doesn't sound like it came from India." Duh. I am really trying to stay on the same page in life. Really.

Ok, I started a new diet. (again) I went back to The Atkins Diet. I am monitoring to see if I have the swelling I had before, but so far so good. I'm not losing like I did the first time, but I have incredible energy. I took my son to see The Last Mimsy Saturday, and ended racing him to the car. Yes, I RAN. Not easy for a fat girl. I kept thinking "I hope I can stop without falling flat on my face!" Well, it ended well. I didn't embarrass myself at all. Of course, the kid beat me, but he is 10, so thats fine. He was as shocked as I was that I ran. During the night, I woke up with a pain in my knee. It feels like someone tried to wrench it from my body while I was sleeping. Now I am gimping around, and can barely walk. Geesh. I am tired of being old and fat. I don't have a choice in getting old, but I sure do about the fat. I was hoping to be thinner by graduation, but since that's next week, there isn't much chance of that. :(

God bless, and pray for my knee and a job. Thanks.

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