Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And the bitchiness continues.....

I was doing better. Really. Of course, it doesn't take much to get the ball rolling again. I have a rant, a pet peeve, an injustice, a dumbing down of America RANT.

I am in college. Its a Jr. college, which some people act like doesn't count. They seem to think its a glorified high school. They would be wrong. I work very hard to get the grades I get. It doesn't come easy to me. I am in some advanced classes now, and they weren't kidding. I have Attila the Hun for Advanced Software apps, Thank GOD I like it, and it comes pretty easy to me. Its just getting the massive amount of work done she wants turned in EVERY THREE DAYS.

My other online class is History of Illinois. Now is where my rant comes in. Most of my online classes have been more technically related, so I haven't had to deal much with the general ed side of things. Not so now. I have noticed, particularly in the males compared to volume, that they either don't care, or don't know, how to write complete sentences. One guy left crucial words out of every sentence. This is for a grade. They don't use punctuation, capital letters, or common freakin sense. Apparently, no one taught them the difference between "no" and "know." I no what they mean. Cripes. These are supposed to be people that are getting prepared to enter the workplace as viable adults. Aren't they? I know I sure wouldn't want to hire them. At least learn how to use SPELLCHECK. Don't take an online class if you don't know how to use a computer.

I know its "just" a history class, but I like to be able to read the postings without trying to decipher what they mean. No what I mean? It really slows me down. Its like hitting a bump in the road. Ok, maybe I am a teeny bit anal retentive. There is nothing wrong with good grammar and decent punctuation skills. Now, don't go searching for my mistakes. I know I make them. On here I don't often proofread or spell check, but no one reads it anyway, right? Besides, its not like its for a grade. Its the difference between sitting in a classroom, trying to do quality work, and unwinding by blogging in my jamas sipping on a cold iced tea. Ok, I guess I am done. Except I sure hope the instructor points out the problems with those posts. I know its not his area of expertise, but I should think as an instructor he would find it his duty to point out the mistakes. You know, to help them become more anal retentive, like me. And also so it will quit pissing me off and taking my time away from my homework so I can blow off some steam and blog about it.

I think I need to get a life,although I can barely handle this one as it is. People just need to quit pissin' me off.

God Bless. Please pray for me to be able to extend a little more graciousness to those punctuationally/grammatically/ impaired.

(after running spellcheck, it wanted to change "freakin" to "foreskin." How funny is that! Hahahaha I am also not sure I spelled "punctuation" correctly as it wanted to change it to function. Hmmmmmmmmmm.)

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